Black Cherry & Bold Colors Lip + Cheek

There are SO many fun blush colors. 

My favorite color for fall is black cherry. Some of the darker ones spread very easily… aka a little goes a LONG way. If you end up with clown cheeks, just use the highlight to clean it up a little bit. 

The blushes also double as lip colors, so keep that in mind as your choosing one or two or six... 



Lip liner, I’ve heard of it. In this video I tried it for the first time, cuz as a Maskcara artist I try to channel Cara (creator of Makcara) and think WWCD. #whatwouldCarado. 

Well Cara once said she used indigo as a lipliner, and sure enough… it blew my mind…


Pucker up ladies.


Xo, Lauren Pace

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