How to Cat-Eye...ish + Eye Shadow


Pick four colors, including ONE that will make your eye pop for this gorgeous smokey eye.

I’m not pro at Eyeshadow, but when I see a beautiful color palette… I definitely want to get it on my eye. My go to is this little arrangement.

Lightest color all over. Mid color upper crease/brow bone and half of the lip.

Darkest color on my eyeliner line and into the inner crease.

Eventually I’ll branch out, but for now that’s what I can handle. So this is the extent of my eyeshadow school. 

Luckily Maskcara eyeshadows come with diagrams for different styles so it makes it fool proof for you and me.

Their shadows are super pigmented, if you want to fill in your brow with powder than grab one of the matte shadows to double serve.


Cat Eye-ish

Definitely not a pro at the cat eye, but I did learn the trick… from a video that was much longer than this one. You draw the line extending upward FIRST, then bring it back to connect to the upper lid. Instead of starting in the middle and going on, this will help your eye shape curve up. 


Xo, Lauren Pace

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