Meditation with added Brain Dump Method


I've tried guided. I've tried the full hour yoga and meditation. And I love it, but not every style is right for me.

First of all, I with so many things to prioritize in small amounts of time, I couldn't justify spending an hour of that meditating. So I need something that's just enough to be effective and helpful, and not so much that I'm relaxed but freaking stressed all at the same time. Feel me?

Last Sunday, I meditated about meditation.

Did you know prophets in the scriptures used meditation to receive personal revelation? I have always known they pondered, and take time to listen. But to use the term meditation, was a brain clicking moment for me. I needed this.

Five minutes a day of being present, acknowledging and releasing thoughts as they come in & receiving divine answers. It helps me stay in line with the attributes I'm trying to develop & who I want to become.

Here's what I do. 

#1 Get in a Quiet Space & Light a Candle.

I literally sit on my rug in the living room or in Charlie's room, with a candle. I think the energy of the candle is supposed to operate at a higher frequency, but honestly, watching the flame and feeling the heat & low light ambience just does it for me. So the energy frequency for me... if that's a thing... is a huge bonus. The flame helps me stay present in the moment.

#2 Brain dump

This is the biggest HACK if you will for my to truly get in the present moment. I have to get EVERYTHING out of my head and onto paper. The first day, it was like am I being a good mom? Am I prioritizing Charlie's needs? I need to play more. I need to do this logo. I need to write this paper. I need to blog and this and this and this and this. All of it, out of my brain and onto the paper. The first day I did this I realized my theme was I felt inadequate as a mom. So at the bottom I wrote two AFFIRMATIONS. "I am present and these for Charlie when he needs me" "I am doing my best as a mother for Charlie." Obviously these things weren't ringing true for me, but I needed to believe that I could get there. So I repeated the affirmations to myself throughout meditation, and anytime a thought would slip in, I would release it and go back to the flame and the affirmations. 

That day was the best day I've had with Charlie in a long time. Because I knew what was stressing me to my core, and I believed I could be who I wanted to be. 

The next day my list of "worries" were different and it wasn't about motherhood. Each day I meditate, I take the time to address every thought that enters my head. Create a new affirmation, and then turn on the music and breathe thinking of nothing but the flame and that affirmation. 

This is not the style of meditation that works for everyone. But it has really worked for me and I wanted to share. Even if you don't meditate, take time to do this brain dump. It releases so much negative energy. 

Start simple, all it takes is FIVE Minutes of this mindshift to start off your day FABULOUS.

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If you "don't have time to meditate," try this. Your mindset contributes to your day, your stress, or priorities and what you're able to accomplish. It's important. So take juuuuust five minutes.
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