Getting UN-Stuck

Entrepreneurship, if you aren't always pivoting & growing, you're stuck. 

How do you get unstuck???

free worksheet to get unstuck and generate new ideas.

Business meetings are so important for growing companies. It is a time for reflection, a time to discuss goals, visions and action plans. When you are the boss of your single-employee company... I have realized it is just as important to have a business meeting with yourself.

When I was on a road trip. I wanted to take time to have a business meeting with myself. This did not include talking to myself outloud, but through the interaction of writing and organizing my thoughts and visions.

How do you kick it up a notch?

Recently I have added featured artists & print services to my business model. This was the result of my business meeting.

I made three columns. It said passive income + active income in the first column. I looked at what I can create and then get income from without any more time (spoonflower, online classes, wallpaper, etc.) and active (print shop, custom orders, design work).

The second column said, where Pace Made could be.

And the third how I will get there.

It just got my mind going and going. A change in focus and goals. And one of the biggest thing was I wanted Pace Made to not be a duplicate of another company, but a community for artists. So that all you amazing followers don't have to ask an artist to create something that you saw on another page... but you can shop for it all on the same page.

Going back to the first column. What kind of things in my active income column did I keep wanting to spend time on, and what I could replace? What you spend time on is what you value. Well, I value art and I value teaching, I value community and I can't wait to see the community Pace Made Designs will grow to be.

Check out the cute featured artists we already have printing in the shop!!! Learn how to do some of these same things yourself from my classes page.


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