Pace Made Fave: Round Size 4 Brush

I have put together an amazing starter kit for those of you who want to learn watercolor. It includes everything in this video AND my watercolor online class, which has techniques, brush practice downloads, and walks you through some of the basics, as well as a floral and a fern.


In this kit I have included a round size 4 brush. And I want to talk about WHY I chose this brush.

There are many brushes that I use, and many I could've stuck in here. I like this one best for beginners because the round works so well for lines, details, lettering. But you can also use it for looser details. 

I chose this size because there is less water inside, but enough water. So you have control of your water as a beginner, but you also have enough held in the brush that you can have a perfect balance.

Some other artists have different preferences for brushes. I have always loved my rounds.

What brush do you love?

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