Baby Chiropractor | Charlie Went from MAJOR Constipation to SUPER Regular with Two Visit

My Experience with Chiropractors for Migraines

Every since I was in high school, I've gone to the chiropractor here and there. A few years ago I was have migraines seven days a week. I would be nauseous and just turn off the lights and go to sleep at like 5pm. I was seeing my dr on all sorts of concoctions without getting on the heavy stuff. 

This is what worked for me... adjustments with Dr. Carlson, injections and acupuncture. If you have migraines, DO THIS. I had to go a couple times a week... then he did the perfect combination and I was out of his office for months.

I went back to the chiropractor when my neck was out or when I was trying to get pregnant or not be nauseous during pregnancy cuz my doctor is so good and does a full work up with adjustment and acupuncture every times.

He's amazing!!! And if you're afraid of acupuncture, don't be. The needles are so tiny you barely feel them. If you absolutely can't do needles, there are actually treatments he does a lot of the time, that don't use needles at all, but a pulsing machine.

Dr. Morgan Carlson |  (435) 563-6887 | Hyde Park, Utah

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When someone suggested I take Charlie to the chiropractor for sleep, I didn't hesitate. I booked my appointment with Stephanie Holland (shares on office with Dr. Morgan Carlson) but she specializes in babies and children.

In the first two minutes she notices that way he was moving and figured his left side was tight. She asked me some questions about his overall development, sleep, digestion, gross motor, etc. Then she put him on the table and just as she suspected needed to do some work on the left side. Within a few hours Charlie filled his diaper. 

He has been so constipated since we took him home from the hospital. We went back on Monday. He has pooped 3 times a day since then. We just have a few follow ups to get him more comfortable with his left leg, but I am the happiest mother ever. I was supposed to be giving him miralax so soften his poops, but I was not good at doing that.

Now without miralax... he's pooping like a champ! 

He's making poop grunts as I write this.

Chiropractors are amazing for injuries, diseases... but also overall wellness. Picture sleeping for nine months in a little dog kennel and then coming out the doggy door.... babies are crammed in then have quite the time coming on out too... it's something that all babies could benefit from. All humans, all kids.

Baby constipated, chiropractor

Don't hesitate. Get yourself and your kiddos in!

Dr. Stephanie Hoglund | 435) 232-0732 | Hyde Park, Utah


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