I was listening to this lady talk about how happy she was that she didn't have young kids anymore. "I'm so glad I'm not doing that anymore, I mean, they are cute, but you put all of yourself into them." I was just playing with Charlie, helping him climb out of the water and flop back in. And it kinda broke my heart.
1. Her daughter was right there... ouch. 
2. Motherhood is not dress up and tea parties. Motherhood is filled with stress and worry. It's meant to push you. It's meant to be a sacrifice. A love so deep. Dedicating your time to learning goodness from their sweet souls and teaching them how to stay good in such a polluted world. Motherhood is sacrifice. But that's what makes it so incredible, and that's what makes mothers so dang amazing.
3. It's not all or nothing. You can make time for yourself. You don't have to put yourself on the back burner for five or six or more years until they can make their own lunch. You have to make time for yourself. Maybe it's a bath, workout, a business, grad school, maybe it's a walk, a movie, maybe it's being a WAHM, maybe it's not! ... Be the best mom and the best version of yourself. And do what you need to do in order to make that happen so you aren't sitting at the pool in ten years with no love for that crazy, needy stage. It's not survival. It CAN be beautiful. What do you do when you need a much needed break?