Teach LOVE, not fear of those who are different

I think this is one of the most important messages we can share with our children as we raise them in such a controversial and judgmental world. What would Jesus do? At the Jazz game last week I was SUPER judged by the girls sitting next to me for letting a pierced, loud and tattooed woman behind me hold Charlie. Charlie (and I) loves strangers of all colors, shapes and sizes... and I want to teach him to love everyone just as Jesus would. So why would I let my conservative girls play with the babe, and not the girl behind us. It's interesting what the girl said to me, I can't believe you let that lady hold your baby. She must not know me then... because I am at least *trying* to not be judgmental of looks and make decisions to teach LOVE, not fear of those who are different. Just because people believe and choose differently from me, doesn't mean I can't be their friend, love them or talk with them.

Lauren Pace, MS | Parenting Coach | Child Behavior Coach | Logan, Utah | WA | Online

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