Anxiety. The feeling you get when your husband throws your baby ten-feet high into the air. Now picture that feeling never going away. Anxiety disorder. I am no stranger to the feelings of anxiety, but for YEARS it has been under control for me. Part of that is that I'm not pumping my body with hormone injections or crying hopelessly over trying to have a baby, another part of that is 100mg a Sertraline everyday. LOL. There is a STIGMA and I may be judged... people who don't understand the chemical imbalance portion of anxiety may think I belong in a kook-house. Maybe I could go off my meds. I was afraid to tell my boyfriend (now husband) that I had anxiety and needed meds because I thought he couldn't ever love me or care about me. It's all a LIE. Maybe I haven't needed them for a while. But I'm here to tell you. I don't have that feeling all the time like I used to. I don't have that worry that is debilitating, starts me into hysterics, makes me scream for air. Not everyone needs meds or wants meds. But if any part of you is curious ask your dr. There is hope. You don't have to feel that way. ✨ If you need someone to talk to who gets it, let me be your friend. ✨ .