How to Know it's Time for a Rebrand

Hello people. I’m Lauren Pace from Pace Made Designs.

As a designer, I sell a whole “rebrand” pacakge. I’ve been doing logo design and rebrands for a couple of years now. And I have started to understand how to teach and differentiate the concept of brand development vs. logo design. 

This piece is one of the most important things you will do for your business: Developing, creating and defining your brand.

Brand Developemnt comes before anything else. 

Your brand is not your logo or your web design. Your brand is defining who you are, who you serve, why your business matters to your target market and what sets you apart.

Sure, it’s keeping your fonts consistent, choosing a logo that represents your company. But before logo design comes brand development.

Logo design, pinterest templates, fonts, color palettes this is important too. This will help show the world who you are with meaningful and intentional design.

If your fonts are super minimalist, modern, handwritten, clean, chunky cursive or messy script... it’s going to portray a style. That style matters. Your design style is not what decides your brand, but it’s part of the package the defines your brand.

For the longest time, I was just assuming people knew what their brand was when they came for me for a design. More and more I’m realizing that many business owners know what style they want, but they will continue to rebrand and rebrand (money, money, money) if they are just rebranding to update their logo, and not rebranding to develop a cohesive + strong brand.

Let me help you know when it’s time to rebrand.


When to rebrand

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