Make Up for Minimalists

The beauty of Maskcara is that it fits with my values and ideals, to simplify and minimize. Waste less time, focus on what's most important. And get rid of the CLUTTER. Well, I'm also the girl who loves make up, and putting it on gives me a boost, makes me feel beautiful and just is FUN! It's a creative outlet, it's art for your face...

Even with all the brushes and my entire artist kit of colors, I can fit all of my make up in one bag, and none of the powders/compacts and brushes are making any messes in the bag.

When it's just my make up, I use a mini double decker and three-four brushes (Depending on the day) but always always my multitasker & eye shadow brush.

The other ones I rotate through are the powder power, B squared bronzer/blush brush, the 30 sec HAC or detail HAC. I don't need them all, but if I have more blemishes... I use the powder power. If I want to use bronzer, I use the B squared. If I want a deeper HAC, I use the detail HAC. You don't need them all, but they give you choices. 

ANYWAY, In this video I'm going to show you the most minimalistic way you can use Maskcara. This is also what I refer to as the started kit -- the four main colors (highlight, contour, blush and illuminator) and the brush, 30 sec HAC. 

I even use the same contour for my eyebrows!

P.S. the yellowish tone goes away after the make up is properly blended. This color in particular is very yellow based - sunlit.

P.S.S. If you don't think a person should wear blush, then go to my Instagram and find my post about how hollow and dead I looked without it.

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Lauren Pace