Book Wall DIY

Book Wall

I was inspired by a few wall to wall to ceiling book shelves… and could not get it out of my head. So on Thursday night when I saw it again, I decided, I’m doing it. The next day, I went to Home Depot with both the babies in tow. Charlie was a FABULOUS helper, he’s actually in a super fun stage to shop with. I just have to plan for extra time because of how much he likes to help.

He helped me load the boards and push the cart.

Book wall builders

Here are the supplies we needed for OUR wall.

Finish Nails 2”

100 Wood Screws 2”

5- 2x1x8


So this gives me materials for FIVE eight foot shelves. Each shelf needs one 2x1x8 board and two 4x1x8 boards. I just got the cheap pine. Search through to find pieces that are fully in tact. And load them up!

glue and screw the back, glue and nail the front

Then I used wood glue and glued the edges of the two 4x1x8 boards… forming a square. Then I screwed into them. Making sure they line up on at least one of the ends (sometimes the boards aren’t exactly 8’). At the end I cut ALL my boards to be exactly 7’6” to fit my room better.

For the front piece I used wood glue… and did the hammer nail thing for one shelf. But my husband pulled out his nail gun and we did that for the rest which was much faster and cleaner.

let kids by kids print from painted paper goods

let kids by kids print from painted paper goods

I just want to say. I built a few of the shelves COMPLETELY by myself. So it’s possible. It’s obviously more enjoyable and faster with help. You will need a level to hang them and then drill them straight into the study.

OKAY NOW… go to this link. She tells you EXACTLY how to build the shelves with a diagram if you need more.

We are eventually adding a wall to separate this playroom from Maelie’s room. So I left the shelves wood colored. I may seal them and leave them. Or paint the walls and shelves white. I’m a sucker for the light pine wood… but I also love white. They do need to be sanded around all the edges!

I put up all our Christmas books, a few Hannakuh books and a book about Kwanza. We celebrate Christmas, but I like to share about other cultures and traditions through books. It’s just nice to know that we don’t all celebrate the same… and knowing about other traditions helps us be respectful of them. I mean, it even helps ME learn… cuz I don’t know a whole lot about Kwanza. I also have lots of fun books about he gingerbread man, Santa, cold season, snow and bears… because later in December our #xoplaytime plan talks about Hibernation.

book wall diy

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