17 going on.... 25? #babe #prom

Okay. This girl (my cute cousin) was my very first color match when my kit came. I was so unsure and self-conscious. She bought the make up and wears it every day. And she comes back to me for special events because she loves me and I love her. xo xo. Jk... I mean really that is the truth though...

Her beautiful prom make up would not have been possible when I signed up six months ago. Playing with make up and having all these colors to match my family and friends... it's been SO. MUCH. FUN. 


Highlight: June to conceal redness and then Moonlit (the lightest color)

Contour: Indigo

Blush: Nude

Illuminator: Pearl

Eyes: Bright Eyes, Trust, Sabrina, Bubba + Hard Candy Glitter Primer + Ardell Lashes

Brows: Trust

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