Candida Overgrowth = Candida Diet = MOST DEPRESSING DIET EVER

By the time I was 19 I had shingles, eczema (other skin problems), anxiety, mrsa, hemorrhoids, migraines, headaches, terrible periods. It's been the norm. I never got sinus infections or colds... just the super bizarre stuff. My dr said, there's something else going on. Blood work came back normal. Left her office and never looked back. Faced infertility at 22 -- unexplained. Also weird.

Another set of tests which revealed nothing and some bandaid approaches (hormones, shots & procedures) to get pregnant. I love whole body health. Have been (and love) using acupuncture, chiropractor, my witch dr., supplements, healthy-ish food. Again I never get "sick" but one year it was like 7 days of migraines. Something's not right. The only symptom that has made me take steps further forward is infertility.

After I had Charlie I discovered a hormone dr in Arizona. She has tested my levels and found low progesterone and phase 3 adrenal fatigue (which come with their own list of fun symptoms). At the same time I've been consulting with a functional health specialist in washington. She looks at your functional levels, while doctors are looking at your disease levels. Also she did a super comprehensive set of tests that found Yeast in my stool culture.

(Picture me with a spoon & a vial in my bathroom. Dying 😳💩... or don't. BARF.).

Candida overgrowth can cause SO many things including hormone imbalance. So I can keep putting bandaids on, treating anxiety, infertility treatments, treating acne, ibuprofen for migraines. But candida may be the root of it all. So here's to three months trying my best to be sugar free (and more) and more supplements than a grandpa. Candida diet is important because I have to get rid of the Yeast so I can't eat foods that feed it. And working on healing my gut intentionally and completely. If you have any questions, please ask. I over share always. In hopes that my story can help yours.

Candida Overgrowth affected my skin, infertility and whole health!!!

I counted more than 20 symptoms. HOLY.

Do you have it?

If you think you may have candida overgrowth. Here's how you move forward.

Find a functional health specialist, or chiropractor or doctor who will work with you on doing stool samples. I did two different companies (a total of like 12 vials) of stool samples. And on one test it was better at picking up parasites and the other was better at picking up yeast. So make sure they know their stuff. You a. don't want to miss it. And b. don't want to do it more times than you have to.

If your stool sample finds yeast. You have candida overgrowth. It is hard to find that's why the stool samples are so thorough. If it's in the stool samples from every day (me) then it's for sure. You're hosed. JK. There is hope.

Get on a Candida diet. This is a diet where you eat whole, organic, non-processed foods. Avoid sugars, processed meats and foods, packaged foods, gluten, fruits, natural sweetness with sugar etc. etc. etc. You also should be taking a BUNCH of supplements. 

I sadly have had to put my supplements on hold, so the toxins don't release in my breastmilk. But you better bet, I will be right back on those supplements the second he is done nursing.

I have been doing the candida diet for about 6 weeks now. With a few slips here and there, I have actually been pretty dang disciplined. It's nice to know that I have power over my food, that I have control. Being so disciplined has taught me so much about how I can resist temptations and cravings.

Things I have noticed.

+ When I do slip, I instantly feel a headache, stomach ache, and within a day or so I get a rash usually on my arm.

+ I feel amazing. WAY less headaches. NO bloating. I have lost 6 pounds, but have kept on my muscle, so I am at the place I've been trying to get to post-baby.

+ My skin has been so clear. 

Candida Overgrowth affected my skin, infertility and whole health!!!

It's amazing to me that I didn't realize how UNHEALTHY my body was, until I eliminated everything. It is hard. It is depressing. I didn't anticipate it being so hard and lonely feeling. Our culture uses food as social events. And it can be hard for these candida-dieters everywhere!

I hope that I can starve the Yeast soon and go back to a lot of the yummy foods, like fruit. But this has been a great eye opener, and has given me time to learn to listen to my body even closer.

Here's to the halfway mark... (which will probably need to be longer, but we will cross that bridge when we get there). 

Is there anyone out there doing it with me? HELP. We need to find a good dessert.

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