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Internal Struggle of Finding Greater Purpose in My Business

Now, here's the internal struggle. Christ doesn't care if I reach a certain rank in my company. Or make a certain sales goal. Christ cares about me and what I want to achieve. But my value doesn't come from my success in this. He won't care if I'm ever a top leader or top earner, but he will help me reach my goals if they prepare me spiritually for the kingdom of Heaven. He will help me reach my goals if they serve His children. 

Sometimes I wrestle with the purpose of my "temporal" goals and businesses. I've been taught my whole life it seems that the mom stays home with the kids and the dad works. So sometimes I'm like why am I even pursuing a business I don't have to do financially. What is my purpose for doing these businesses? How does it fit into the grander scheme of things?

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10 Reasons I Joined Maskcara, an MLM Company

As the wife to a very successful roofing contractor and business owner,

grad student, mom, fur mother to high maintenance dogs & business owner.

I am not lacking in income or hobbies.


Yet Maskcara had a draw for me.

Something that was calling my name.

I can't quite narrow it down.

It was a combination of these ten things.


#1. The Product

Three dimensional face? Real life photoshop? Yes, please. My first experience with cream based foundation, was different. I think that's what made me want to use it and be successful with it. Cream is what the movie stars use, cream is what people with wrinkles use, cream gives you a dewy glow. Young, fresh skin. It doesn't set, so it doesn't cake or dry you out. It also doesn't slip off your face. The contour lifts you cheekbones, the highlight brightens your eyes, the blush adds happiness to your complexion. Even skin tones with out taking away from what makes us beautiful and unique. I could go on and on. But I will share more later.

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Profitable & SIMPLIFIED Content - Free content Planner Download

This content planner takes you through finding 5-10 parts of your brand that you share on Instagram. It walks you through finding your ideal client, and knowing which email list is for them.

Then it breaks down your post schedule. Mine is a brand email every other Tuesday, and a learner email every other Wednesday, Instagram everyday and Maskcara Monday. 

And my favorite, FAVORITE part is the blog & month planner pages. 

The blog page breaks down your blog idea, how it serves, who it serves, what email list it will be sent to, if it has been pinned and scheduled. I'm including mine which are completely filled out so you can get an idea of how this really will work for your business.

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Second Shooter for Kylee Ann Studios

A few weeks ago my sisters second shooter told her she wasn't going to make it to the reception... day of. She let me know she was stressed cuz she's gonna be tired and needed help, the different angles etc. I, the non-photographer, volunteered.

I shot on her camera because it was a full frame... and way better than my beginning level consumer camera. Though my beginning level consumer level camera (Nikon D3200, with a 35mm lens works SO well for my needs and my skill level).

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Art or Copy Cat

Now, it's easy as artists to consume all sorts of amazing inspiration on Pinterest, social media, etc. etc. But we have to separate it out. There are a few terms I want to talk about, then I will tell you how I create an original piece.

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