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Internal Struggle of Finding Greater Purpose in My Business

Now, here's the internal struggle. Christ doesn't care if I reach a certain rank in my company. Or make a certain sales goal. Christ cares about me and what I want to achieve. But my value doesn't come from my success in this. He won't care if I'm ever a top leader or top earner, but he will help me reach my goals if they prepare me spiritually for the kingdom of Heaven. He will help me reach my goals if they serve His children. 

Sometimes I wrestle with the purpose of my "temporal" goals and businesses. I've been taught my whole life it seems that the mom stays home with the kids and the dad works. So sometimes I'm like why am I even pursuing a business I don't have to do financially. What is my purpose for doing these businesses? How does it fit into the grander scheme of things?

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Three Types of Toys Every Child Needs

Why blocks? I love blocks. Blocks aren't just about building. Children are strategizing, they are building homes for bugs, they are building zoos, homes, towers. Add some airplane toys and all of sudden they are traveling the world. Add some animals, pretty soon they are taking care of an entire forest. Blocks are the most versatile toy there is. It can literally be anything the child wants it to be. And building with blocks allows for science (balance, gravity, weight, cause/effect), technology (technology doesn't have to be electronic, adding magnets is technology, installing pulley and lever system, using a ramp or a wheel, all of that is technology), engineering (planning a structure, adjusting the structure to work), math (weights, sizes, measurements, counting, symmetry). ETC ETC ETC. It's also creativity, it's art. Blocks are AMAZING.

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Specific Toy Ideas That Support Development

Think about your child's interest and abilities. These toys might work for multiple ages and stages. In one stage of sensory toys for example there could be measuring cups and rice. In another you're adding magnets, in another you're adding people and making it a whole imaginary play scene. Think outside the box and how toys work together to support developmental areas. The toys don't do the teaching, what children create with the toys does the teaching! 

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Themed Meal Planning... Variety & Simplicity!! | Freebie

Hereis the problem with meal planning. We need something different, we get sick of the same thing over and over. Or maybe we get bored of making the same thing. We are trying to balance nutrients, preferences, allergies, special diets. It’s insane. Believe me, I know. Right now I’m on a Candida diet, talk about repeat meals. I can’t have dairy, or sugar, or gluten, or most fruits, or vinegar. The thought of meal planning gave me a food aversion (no, I’m not pregnant). I was just rotating through salmon, tilapia and taco salad every few days. Then you end up not meal planning at all and eating out. And then getting acne... and breaking the budget.... you get me? Anyone?

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Charlie's Puppy-Themed First Birthday Party

He is one of the happiest kids I have ever known, he has the sweetest scrunch-up-your-whole-face kind of smiles. He can say mama, dada, more and more milk. He's still going strong breastfeeding, and waking in the night. He scoots like a chimp... and still won't crawl. He has six teeth. Three on top, three on bottom. 

His favorite thing in the world are his mom and dad, other kids and puppies. Which brings us right into the puppy party. I had way too much fun. 

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Baby Chiropractor | Charlie Went from MAJOR Constipation to SUPER Regular with Two Visit

Chiropractors are amazing for injuries, diseases... but also overall wellness. Picture sleeping for nine months in a little dog kennel and then coming out the doggy door.... babies are crammed in then have quite the time coming on out too... it's something that all babies could benefit from. All humans, all kids.

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