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Cover Blemishes & Breakouts with Maskcara Foundation

To cover blemishes with Maskcara IIID foundation, all you need is the Highlight you already use and the Vanilla Dust Setting Powder. Use the multi-tasker brush or the highlight side of the 30 second HAC brush and dab the highlight right over any blemishes. Do no blend. Take your powder brush, tap it in the vanilla dust, and tap over the blemish. That’s it. Now you’re ready to go over all the areas again with your highlight.

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How to Contour, Cheekbone-lift instead of Creating a Beard

Alrighty, contour is tricky. People say make the fish face and fill in the area that indents… well that’s not necessarily right. Finding the hollow of your cheek will help you find your cheekbone, but you do not want to fill in that whole area. As you can see in that video you aren’t creating a shadow, more of a beard. You want to put the contour on the lower part of your cheekbone, the blush on the ball of the cheekbone, and the illuminator on the top of the cheekbone. Watch the video to understand the common mistakes and how to give that cheekbone a little lift.

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