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Xo Playtime: Construction

"Mom, I go help dad. Got mine tools"

Every two-ish weeks we rotate toys. #xoplaytime

This means that I switch out baskets of a few doctors supplies -- to baskets of a few tools. I always have some sort of block. And the art center is always there. But, it doesn't take much to change the entire tone of the playroom. All of a sudden he's going from wrapping his babies in leftover gauze, to going out to the shop and hammering stuff with dad. You don't even really need to invest in tools just start saving the hex screws and wrenches from the ikea/amazon furniture.

Having different materials invites Charlie to change the focus of his play and explore pretending in a new way. Gosh, play is fun and I love being his mom.

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XoPlaytime: Pumpkins!

#XOPLAYTIME is a compilation of 20+ activities every other week that...

- use the imagination

- push all the areas of development

- keep their attention

- use multiple senses

- support autonomy and independence

Revolving them around a new theme every other week allows them to become more interested in activities they may not usually participate in and gives a deeper understanding of so many different topics.

Don't feel like you need to go look up 20 unique activities twice a month. Just sign up for the subscription and do a handful of them a month. (code xolauren to get $2 off).

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