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Internal Struggle of Finding Greater Purpose in My Business

Now, here's the internal struggle. Christ doesn't care if I reach a certain rank in my company. Or make a certain sales goal. Christ cares about me and what I want to achieve. But my value doesn't come from my success in this. He won't care if I'm ever a top leader or top earner, but he will help me reach my goals if they prepare me spiritually for the kingdom of Heaven. He will help me reach my goals if they serve His children. 

Sometimes I wrestle with the purpose of my "temporal" goals and businesses. I've been taught my whole life it seems that the mom stays home with the kids and the dad works. So sometimes I'm like why am I even pursuing a business I don't have to do financially. What is my purpose for doing these businesses? How does it fit into the grander scheme of things?

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Make Up for Minimalists

The beauty of Maskcara is that it fits with my values and ideals, to simplify and minimize. Waste less time, focus on what's most important. And get rid of the CLUTTER. Well, I'm also the girl who loves make up, and putting it on gives me a boost, makes me feel beautiful and just is FUN! It's a creative outlet, it's art for your face...

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How to Cat-Eye...ish + Eye Shadow

I’m not pro at Eyeshadow, but when I see a beautiful color palette… I definitely want to get it on my eye. My go to is this little arrangement.

Lightest color all over. Mid color upper crease/brow bone and half of the lip.

Darkest color on my eyeliner line and into the inner crease.

Eventually I’ll branch out, but for now that’s what I can handle. So this is the extent of my eyeshadow school. 

Luckily Maskcara eyeshadows come with diagrams for different styles so it makes it fool proof for you and me.

Their shadows are super pigmented, if you want to fill in your brow with powder than grab one of the matte shadows to double serve.

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Powder Love for even the Non-Powder lovers

The setting powder and powder brush are must haves. They are huge in setting the cream, touching up after hot or humid days. 

What I love about the setting powder and brush combo, is that the powder doesn’t get every where. It is very concentrated and intentional. Which means using less product, and getting much better results. 

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