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I've worked with 100+ brands to create their dream design.

What is a brand? And how do you know if you need a rebrand?! Get FREE answers in my guide.


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Logo Only

+ 3 mock-ups ( you choose your favorite)

+ up to 4 modifications (additional modifications are available)

All logo files sent in

+ pdf & eps format as a vector

+ jpeg, png and psd at 300 ppi or higher.

+ Variant 

+ 3 mock-ups of variant (you choose your favorite)

+ up to 3 modifications (additional modifications are available)

+ Business Card Design

+ 1-2 mock-ups ( you choose your favorite)

+ up to 4 modifications (additional modifications are available)

everyday joie.jpg
ashalee soule.jpg

Complete Rebrand ($400)

Once you have nailed down your brand and your style. This package is PERFECT. 

Create a visually cohesive brand that ties your business card, logo and variant all together. This package includes fonts, filler graphics colors to implement into your website, emails, prints etc.

+ logo, variant, business card design

+ favicon

+ branding board with colors (hex numbers included)

+ fonts (1-3)

+ 2 filler graphics for website (png format)

+ 4 instagram (in design/psd format)

+ 4 pinterest templates (in design/psd format)


Complete Rebrand with Brand Development

It's here! It's here! It's finally here. 

Get 10% off a full rebrand, when you take the brand development course.

This brand development course takes you through all the nitty-gritty questions that will really help you evaluate your brand, be intentional with your business and in turn be super profitable. Design to match that brand is where I come in! To select this package, you will take the brand development course and purchase the complete rebrand separately.

The brand development workshop alone is $50 dollars. Then you will get $40 off the rebrand or $15 off the logo.


Select Your Package

As soon as you select your package, you will be prompted to answer questions essential for me to discover your vision. When that is complete, you will check out. And then anxiously wait a few days for me to send some initial mock ups and get your dream logo in the works.