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The whining... the tantrums... the meltdowns. 



A yell... A power struggle...A slammed door...A time out..."That'll teach them," you think as you walk away. Only to be consumed with your own guiltAre you this close [ ] to losing your mind if they whine one more time?

Revealed in this course...

  • Prevention for tantrums, meltdowns and whining

  • How to teach emotional regulation skills

  • Tips to remain calm while your child has a meltdown

  • Feel empowered in knowing the BEST way to respond if your child throws a tantrum

  • Feel a weight lift when your child asks the first time without whining

Guilt-free responses GUARANTEED in this course

All our responses are meant to teach... never punish or shame. Walk away feeling OK about how you responded, even if your child is still a puddle on the floor. 

Without effective strategies to teach emotional regulation the behavior will escalate.

  • Can you imagine the reaction as they get bigger, and stronger... and... hormonal? 

  • In other words, If the 2 year old runs the house now, don't wait until their 6 to figure out a different structure.

They need these skills asap. 

  • It's not too late, children's brains are moldable

  • Instead of immediately melting down, throwing a tantrum, whining and fussing...What if your children took a deep breath and learned to problem solve?

  • Those tantrums over "nothing," let's figure out what they are telling you.

  • What is instead of freaking out, they remained calm?

why trust me?

  • Challenging Behavior Specialist + Researcher

  • Master's Degree in Early Childhood, Human Development & Family Studies

  • Mother of two young children

  • Early Childhood Educator Consultant

  • Former preschool + toddler teacher 

  • Parenting educator + speaker at conferences

  • Adjunct Professor for College Students teaching Parenting and Child Guidance

Here’s what you get:

  • Course on emotional focused challenges including tantrums, meltdowns, whining  ($60 value) 

    • unlimited views

    • access forever

    • multiple viewers

  • A workbook guide ($30 value)

  • Bonus: Safe place guide ($15 value)

  • Bonus: Mad Chart ($10 value)

VALUE - $115

Your Price - $28 with the code xolauren

Why does your child engage in meltdowns, tantrums, and whining?

Most behavior plans aim to stop the behavior. This goes beyond that. Positive behavior support looks for triggers, puts simple preventatives into place, teaches new skills to communicate the need and responds to the behavior with logical/effective consequences.

Learn it all right here, with a free workbook and emotional regulation supports.


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