Xo Lauren Pace

My life's work: helping YOU enjoy parenting. 

I studied child development in my undergrad... and absolutely LOVED working with children. I worked as a preschool teacher for a few years after I got my degree. There, I met some of the greatest children in the world. Some of these children were hard, they were struggling and their parents were also struggling. As a teacher, I was struggling with how to help these children. I studied and studied, and applied what I learned. 

I found my passion and now I'm a grad student studying child development.

There is such a large place in my heart for these kids who have AMAZING parents, but were challenging anyway.  We rallied together and supported these children in learning new skills to communicate their needs. We saw so many stories of heartache and frustration, turn into hope and understanding.

 I have now developed a curriculum with the help of experts in the field to coach parents through principles that support their child with challenging behavior. During my research, I will learn even more about this process and helping find resources for parents to strengthen their relationship with their children, understand the challenging behaviors and support problem solving.


infant massage 

From birth the first form of communication with your infant is touch. In infant massage you can help your child with their aches, pains and worries through routine, touch and learning their cues. 

Learning through play

learning through play

For young children ages 0-5, the focus should not be on memorizing flash cards or using worksheets, but through hands-on and intentional play. 

With XO PLAYTIME subscription, you get 40+ hands-on activities planned for you and delivered to your inbox. 

With these activities your children can develop life skills, including problem solving, independence and academic skills. 


challenging behavior

Challenging behavior can be anything from refusing to take a bath, to being expelled from preschool for aggression. 

As a parent coach my goal is to take your struggles, your expertise and your understanding of your child and support new skills & strengthen relationships within your home. This program will begin when I finish my research in Spring of 2019.

Stay on my list so when I'm doing consulting, group classes, sending out resources, you get the gold!

Are you a parent?

Stay on my list so when I'm doing consulting, group classes, sending out resources, you get the gold!

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