Profitable Simplified Content Planner | Fillable PDF

Profitable Simplified Content Planner | Fillable PDF


The most important thing in the world to me is my family. My business and the work that I do with Pace Made Designs helps me feel fulfilled, important and needed. And that also serves my family, because if I was a depressed frumpy, wife and mom, I wouldn't be much help. So I value my time with my work as well, it just can't consume my life.

Lately I have started trying to be REALLY intentional with my content planning. How is my content serving anyone. How is my blog serving? Why would people want/need to read it? And then also what profitable service/product could it eventually lead to. 

We can't put a bunch of freebies out there, without tracking them or getting a purpose out of them. I could put out 120 freebies a year, but if they don't eventually lead to a sell, or if they don't gather emails or anything then there is absolutely no point.

This content planner takes you through finding 5-10 parts of your brand that you share on Instagram. It walks you through finding your ideal client, and knowing which email list is for them.

Then it breaks down your post schedule. Mine is a brand email every other Tuesday, and a learner email every other Wednesday, Instagram everyday and Maskcara Monday. 

And my favorite, FAVORITE part is the blog & month planner pages. 

The blog page breaks down your blog idea, how it serves, who it serves, what email list it will be sent to, if it has been pinned and scheduled. I'm including mine which are completely filled out so you can get an idea of how this really will work for your business.

Lastly the monthly planner, I wanted to rotate through my 5-facets and talk about all the parts of my brand, but doing a pattern or a certain one each day was not organic, it was very forced and such a headache. With the monthly planner sheet you have all your brands-facets listed and you just check off as your post about each one on Instagram. This way you have a visual for the month, I have posted about logos 10 times, maybe I'll throw in a few more about my puppies... etc. 

And it targets your email list quickly and you can just check off if you've sent an email to them throughout the month. 

This makes content intentional, without sitting down and writing a specific date for each Instagram post throughout the month. Try it and let me know if you like it.

Get your free printable content calendar here (you can not fill it in digitally, only print write by hand)

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