Infant Massage


what is infant massage?

Infant massage or baby massage is an ancient tradition. It has been around in village cultures for thousands of years. It is now being practiced again in over fifty countries today. Infant massage is a series of strokes and adaptions of baby yoga that are taught to the parent to use daily on their infant. Infant massage class shows parents a series of strokes that benefits their baby emotional and physically. Infant massage class also helps parents facilitate discusions, learn about the anatomy of their baby, understand their baby's emotions and needs and bond with their baby. 

do you massage my baby?

Baby Massage is a parent-baby interactive class, in which the parent learns how to massage their baby. The parent-baby interaction is one of the strongest benefits from doing infant massage, therefore, the instructor never massages the baby. The instructor demonstrates the strokes on a doll. 


physical benefits

There are many physical benefits of infant massage. The strokes move with the body in specific ways in ore to promote growth and development. The stimulation tones muscles, helps digestions, breathing, teething, improves sleep, blood circulation and improves myelin sheath coating of nerves and function. Infant massage improves the bond between parents and baby, and provides a safe, loving and compassionate atmosphere for a baby to learn and feel loved. There are many more benefits of infant massage that you will discover with your baby. One mom says, "Sarah does much better handling her shots if I do infant massage before and after."

parent benefits 

Infant massage promotes communication, confidence and trust. Parents bond with their babies at a very intimate and individual level. Parents feel more competent and empowered as they learn their babies' cues and reflexes. In five sessions parents learn so much about their baby. Parents discuss parenting topics, receive resources to learn even more, whether it is their first or last child.

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My baby and I just completed the 5 week course, and it was awesome! There are so many great benefits of baby massage, and it will help you and your baby get to know each other even better. What is more important than bonding with your baby and building a trust that lets them know you are there for them? Through baby massage you truly CAN be there for them and help them through the discomforts that all babies face at one point or another. I highly recommend learning more about infant massage.

ShaNeil and Kirsli (11 months)

What did you like best about the class? What did you learn from and about your baby? 

"Learning the skills needed to connect better with my daughter. That she loves it and is a great way to calm and relax her in a loving way"

Kensey and Brooklyn (6 months)



ShaNeil and Kirsli (10 months)

Arienne and Joseph (1 months)

Michaela and Lily Mei (2 Months & Premature)

Kensey and Brooklyn (6 months)

Elizabeth and Emmarene (3 months)

Kylee and Brody (12 months)

Isabelle and Sarah (9 months)


Elizabeth, Nick and Elina (9 months)

Brooke and Elle (5 months)




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about lauren

Lauren Pace, Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM). She is a part of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) and internationally trained to teach parents and caregivers massage techniques and traditions.

Working with children and families has always been my greatest passion. As I was studying child development at Utah State University, I was introduced to infant massage. I studied through books and all the material I could find and fell in love with the tradition and techniques. In my last semester of college I saught out a training program in Portland, OR to become a CEIM.

I graduated December 2013 with my Bachelors of Science in Family Consumer and Human Development with emphases in Child Development, Human Development and Family, Community Services. In December 2013, I also completed my certification through the International Association of Infant Massage to become a CEIM. I am currently attending USU to get my Masters in Human Development and Family Studies, specializing again in child development.

"I teach infant massage classes because I believe it will make all the difference in your child's life. The bond you create with your child in the first months, will set up a strong foundation for the rest of their life. You will understand your baby better, know how to how to helpthem easier and you will be bonded through lovingtouch. Baby massage is an intimate, loving time for you and your baby to relaxand be with each other." 

-Lauren Pace, CEIM



How old should my child be to attend?

Infant massage is something that can be done from the very beginning of your baby's life. As soon and you and your baby are ready to be around a small group of other babies and parents, then you are ready to come to the course. Recommended age is 0-1, though they do best with accepting massage before they are mobile. There are many options for classes that fit your needs.

What if my baby cries or sleeps the whole time? 

We welcome babies in whatever state or mood they are in. We honor the baby's needs to express themselves through tears or play. We know that we are working with babies who like to explore, and may not be ready to be massaged during the time we want to learn. We encourage you to come no matter what state your baby is in. We have dolls available to learn on when the baby is disengaged in massage. We also take cuddle breaks and take time to just talk and discuss. This class is baby-led, we are very flexible and respect the babies as our teachers.

What does the course include?

A book called Infant Massage by Vimala McClure, handouts and a bottle of oil to use for massaging.