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Helping Your Children CHOOSE to Listen

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We cannot force our kids to listen, but we can sure make listening the desired choice & help kids see the power in choosing it! (plus take off the "bad cop" hat while doing it).

  • So why don't your kids listen to you? No matter how many times you ask nicely.

  • How can you help them choose listen (without a fairy god-mother, genie, or the wooden spoon that worked for grandpa)?

  • What if you could save yourself 99% of the frustration you face a day over listening by knowing HOW to respond when it's just not working out for you?

Learn strategies that will…

  • help children CHOOSE to listen

  • boost your relationship be respectful (this means firm without the yelling or guilt)

  • make even mundane tasks more desirable for kids

  • follow through with conscious and effective discipline (meant to TEACH) xolaurenpace.com

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Parents of Young Children!

We want our children to be ready to take on this scary world

but where do we get the energy and resources to even begin…..

Revealed on this page…

  • The most important things our kids need to learn. Hint, it’s not the ABCs, sitting still or tying their shoe. 

  • How to help our kids develop regulating skills, so they can handle disappointment. Let’s be real… disappointment is inevitable, the skills to handle it, that’s where we come in. 

  • Tools for less stress and better relationships with our kids 

  • The mysteries of challenging behavior unraveled. Distinguish the WHAT and WHY of behavior… and then teach new skills.

  • Screen-free survival strategies. Learn activities that are as engaging than screens, without the negative consequences

  • Life-changing support and parent education without even leaving your home!


Just after I had my second child…

I was working as my own boss juggling so many responsibilities of work, postpartum hormones, homemaking and grad school. Two kids under two. I honestly didn't feel like I could keep up, but obviously failing was not an option for my family.
The TV was on WAY more than I ever wanted it to be. Elmo's World became our morning routine, just so that I could shower, feed the baby, clean up the kitchen, make breakfast and none of that even included my work responsibilities. A few episodes of Elmo turned into several hours as I got stuff done and "knew" it was the ONLY way I was going to get anything done.
It took several more weeks to realize this assumption was false.
Mom guilt consumed me. I felt like I worked and got stuff done at the expense of my child's well-being, and played with my child at the expense of getting everything done. Balance felt impossible.
One day when enough was enough I picked up a piece of white paper and wrote "This week let’s learn ROCKS, VOLCANO and CAVE" with a Crayola marker. 

It’s no exaggeration when I say, this moment changed our life… and frankly, saved my kids' childhood.


For the parents who feel struggle with challenging behavior, if you use screens for survival, if you are just tired and don't know how you could do more, or you feel like you aren't doing enough. If you want to prepare your children for kindergarten, and the scary world. If you want your child to learn educational things… but you don't know where to start. If you want your children to develop mentally and emotionally, and want to support your children to realize the consequences of their choices.
You're about to read about something that will be a parenting game changer…

#1. Kids need more… PLAY!

Not educational apps, not elite preschools, not club sports, dance classes, money…

  • Play is the best method for early education, and sadly it’s vanishing from their lives.

  • We provide the opportunities, and they create the learning.

  • Guess what? Play is free

#2. We don't want happy kids, we want AUTHENTIC kids. Say what? 

  • Pain is just another sensation we experience, it ebbs and flows

  • Instead of saying “don’t cry” or “don’t be mad,” say, “it’s okay to cry,” “what can you do about this?”

  • We need to help them understand their feelings, and what to do about them… instead of explode  💥

  • If you exercise children’s regulating skills, then they will become better at it.

  • Did you know that you can teach emotional problem solving & regulating with play?

#3. End Parent Guilt (aka Mom Guilt) cuz you’re doing the BEST you can! 

  • Parent stress prevents parents from creating optimal environments for their children to develop and thrive

  • Parents who used family resources during early childhood, do so much better! (I have evidence)

  • When your head hits the pillow at night…. And you have that weight… I worked too much, I yelled too much, I didn't hug my son today… wow I really blew it….

  • STOP IT! Let me do the heavy lifting, one activity a day, will keep the parent stress (and guilt) away.

Guralnick, Hammond, Neville, & Connor, 2008; Woodman, 2014

#4 Discipline is not something we do to children. It's something we develop within them. But how…

  • Learn to look at behavior differently

  • What if we can get past WHAT they are doing, and discover WHY they are doing it? Then we could teach them how to communicate that WHY appropriately and the WHAT goes away

  • Every child needs boundaries, and will need to be guided back to them again and again. 

  • True discipline is an act of love, not anger.

  • Discipline is not control or coercion. Discipline is guiding our children to know right from wrong.

#5 TV + iPads is not the only way to get things done (Second truth, iPhone apps are not the only way to have lunch with friends. )

  • What most people do when the going gets tough and they need a break is stick their kid in front of a movie, a game or an iPad.

  • I am going to give you new ways to support independent play so you can get things done without the guilt or fight for more screen time. 

  • If screens are used as a bandaid, a “cool down,” a boredom buster…The tantrum, bad attitude or outbursts still happen

  • Binging TV shows, or the early use of smart phones has negative implications for mental health. 

  • The leading cause for attempted suicide… “my parent took away my phone.” Kids are actually bonding with their phones. tears

  • Screen busters are highly engaging activities without negative behavior implications.

#6 Connection & being intentional with our time makes us FEEL good

  • Relationships are built on the quality time we spend with our children in their earliest memories.

  • Parent-child relationship contributes to child development and later school success

    Roggman et al., 2008 

It's time to save the relationship and take back childhood.


Why should you trust to me?

  • I study challenging behavior for a living!

  • I developed and used entire preschool curriculum for 30+ kids at a time

  • Almost done with my Master's Degree in Early Childhood, Human Development & Family Studies

  • Mother of two young children

  • Early Childhood Consultant

  • Parenting educator and speaker at conferences

  • Taught undergrads, Parenting and Child Guidance

  • Published in Academic Journal, Teaching Children Mathematics

what other mamas have to say about these resources…


"Xo Playtime has been a game changer on how I play with my kids. It makes learning so much more fun and extended the questions I was asking them to learn without them even realizing.  They have loved every activity and I love the creativeness. I'm going to be especially grateful this winter when the babe comes and I don't feel so bad keeping them locked up in the house so we don't get everyone's germs but they still get to do fun activities #moneywellspent" -Kylee Green

"I love your advice it has helped me so much handling my children's behavior. I just want to say thank you for all the advice" -Courtney
"I wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me remember all of this good advice. Your daily posts and stories are my favorite and have helped me to remember how to control and handle all hard daily situations in motherhood. Keep it comin.' I'm one grateful mama." -Lindsey
"I wanted to tell you I am loving all your parenting tips! I have been incorporating them into my life and it's so nice having professional advice when I really don't know the best ways to parent! Your resources have been a great help to me! Thanks so much!" -Nicole
"This mama! She is so much help to me. She's helping me become the mama I aspire to be. She gives me new techniques to use so that I'm able to reach my individual kids on new levels to help me achieve a better parenting style.
"Parenting is so hard it's not perfect and there's always something to learn."

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First of all, what exactly am I signing up for?

  • Bi-weekly lesson plans delivered to your inbox with prompts to improve parenting, challenging behavior & emotional development

  • Activities created around a new theme every time to promote new play, new interests and new challenges

  • Play-based learning that is engaging and highly educational

  • Evidence-based behavior support strategies and action steps each month

  • Access to free bi-monthly positive behavior support webinars

  • A renewed focus on emotional development

  • New year, new parent!

Ok, so how much?

  • How much does an average preschool cost…. a year? ($$$+)

    • Here you're getting an entire year worth of SIMPLE but academic preschool lesson plans from a Early childhood development specialist

  • Monthly parenting exercises that will CHANGE you, piece by piece ($$$+)

    • Improve your parent-child relationship

    • Understand and support challenging behavior

    • Clean up unwanted behavior without crushing your child's spirit 

  • Worth $1500 dollars

But what if…

  • What if I don't use all the activities? 

    • Pay for one year, have access FOREVER

  • What if I want to do it again in two years with my next child?

    1. Pay for one year, have access FOREVER

  • What if I need to go slower on the parenting challenges?

    1. Pay for one year, have access FOREVER

  • What if I’m a teacher or nanny?

    1. What if someone did ALL your prep for you, and all you had to do was implement. Yep… this is GOLD.

  • Paying monthly? Cancel anytime.

  • What if my child is already in a preschool?

Additional benefits from XOPLAYTIME

  • Relationship boosting

  • Intellectual AND academic support

  • Independent play

  • Guilt-free (aka screen-free) activities for home and go

  • A strong foundation with their home + family before sending them into the world (and school)

  • Behavior support from a early childhood specialist

  • Free webinars

  • Time off of your screen, cuz the work is ALL done for you!

BONUS: when you sign up for xoplaytime

  • First access to parenting workshops for discounted price ($15+)

  • Free Ebook: Create a healthy relationship with screens in your family ($20)

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For $15 a MONTH!
Or $100 a year

What if you could get stuff done AND feel like you really put forth your BEST effort as a mom today?

To Take Back Childhood and Love Parenting More

PS. The time is now, XOPLAYTIME signups are only two times a year (while spots are open). We are going to change the way we parent and save childhood together. You’ll go from needing to fill your child’s time with things, fluff, screens. To watching them sit and wait for the garbage truck to come and go, create thousands of imaginary creations out of pipe cleaners, discover what happens when you mix fire with a tea bag. They don’t need bigger or better, they don’t need more… they need SPACE and TIME to explore simple, yet engaging education activities!