Do your kids always listen to you?

does your child listen?

do you want to learn simple skills that will help them listen?!

We cannot force our kids to listen, but we can sure make listening the desired choice & help kids see the power in choosing it! (plus take off the "bad cop" hat while doing it).

  •  So why don't your kids listen to you? No matter how many times you ask nicely.

  • How can you help them choose listen (without a fairy god-mother, genie, or the wooden spoon that worked for grandpa)? 

  • What if you could save yourself 99% of the frustration you face a day over listening by knowing HOW to respond when it's just not working out for you? 


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Learn strategies that will…

  • help children CHOOSE to listen

  • boost your relationship

  • be respectful (this means firm without the yelling or guilt)

  • make even mundane tasks more desirable for kids

  • follow through with conscious and effective discipline (meant to TEACH)


We will be discussing:

step one


Prevent negative behavior with strategies that boost your relationship and help you connect with your child.

step two

TEACHing with discipline


Learn how to use logical and natural consequences to teach new skills.

step three



Simple, but highly overlooked step in fostering those positive skills we want to see our kids use.

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parents have shared

“So glad I could meet you! You were a great presenter and so easy to relate to” Emi Darley

“Thanks for presenting! I totally used your strategy at the grocery store yesterday for my 2 year old and it worked great!” Caroline Klein

“It was so much fun to come to the workshop yesterday. Thank you for sharing your experience and education. So much fun. Thank you.” Heidi Thorpe

guilt free steps to help our kids listen

evidence-based strategies

positive parenting vibes only


I’m Lauren Pace.

wife + Mom

First off, you have to know the truth. I’m not the perfect mom. My kids (and dogs) sleep in my bed just about every night, I burn every baked good I make AND baths aren’t really a priority for me. It is what it is.

lover of challenging behavior

Behavior though, that’s where it’s at for me. I LOVE CHALLENGING BEHAVIOR — (said no mom or preschool teacher ever). But for me, it’s a thrill to problem solve, help determine the function, give life-changing strategies to help families go from survive to thrive.


I help families with challenging behavior, teach at conferences to parents and early childhood educators and research challenging behavior and Positive Behavior Support interventions for families (MS from Utah State University).

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PS If you answer yes to any of these questions, this free online training will be SUPER helpful for you: Do your kids ever fight cleaning up their toys? Run away in the store? Jump on the couch or hit their friends over and over? When will it click for them…? When will they just listen?

We will talk about strategies to teach children to choose to listen and prevent negative responses, followed by effective consequences when not listening is NOT an option.