Classroom Coaching & Trainings

Classroom Coaching & Trainings


Here’s what to expect:


  • Figure out WHY they are behaving this way

    • Online Behavior Analysis (using questionnaire and behavior tracking form prior to coaching)

  • 1 hour coaching session in YOUR classroom

    • Support for teaching new skills

      • Identify the missing skills and new skills needed

      • Support for teaching the new skill

    • Discussions for New Responses

      • Plan to reinforce new skills

      • New Responses to challenging behavior

      • Logical Consequences Suggestions

    • Written Action plan with all discussed sent to your email after the call

If are scheduling an on-going session (select the on-going calls option at check up), the follow up appointments will be led by your greatest needs. We may make adjustments to the plan, review how it’s working, connect home/school, make a plan to discuss with parents, talk about how it’s affecting other areas of development.


I want to help you achieve the results and get through your challenges quickly and effectively. Before any visits, I will send a questionnaire to identify how I can help you best, along with a 1 day behavior tracking form that you will send back prior to our visit.

I want the visit to be worth your time and spend the time focusing on specific strategies to make a lasting difference in your classroom.

This is an appropriate option for teachings of children under the age of 7. I will provide you the education, evidence-based and individualized support for the most important job any of us will ever have.

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