Online Challenging Behavior Coaching

Online Challenging Behavior Coaching

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Here’s what to expect:

Before your session, I will send you a brief questionnaire and ask what the focus of our call will be on. Then we will schedule the call for a 30-40 minute period, filling the time making an individualized plan for your child & answering your big questions.

Some topics of the call may include:

  • Figure out WHY they are behaving this way

  • Online Behavior Analysis (using questionnaire and behavior tracking form prior to coaching)

  • Support for teaching new skills

    • Identify the missing skills and new skills needed

    • Support for teaching the new skill

  • Discussions for New Responses

    1. Plan to reinforce new skills

    2. New Responses to challenging behavior

    3. Logical Consequences Suggestions

  • Written Action plan with all discussed sent to your email after the call

  • Replay of our call available upon request (zoom only)

  • After the call, I will send a summary of what we talked about with supports to make it happen.


If you select to have on-going calls (select the on-going calls option at check up), the follow up calls will be led by your greatest needs. We may make adjustments to the plan, review how it’s working, connect home/school, make a plan to discuss with teachers, talk about how it’s affecting other areas of development.


I want to help you achieve the results and get through your challenges quickly and effectively. Before any calls, I will send a questionnaire to identify how I can help you best, along with a 1 day behavior tracking form that you will send back prior to our call.

I want the call to be worth your time and spend the time focusing on specific strategies to make a lasting difference in your home.

This is an appropriate option for parenting, teaching, step-parenting, foster parenting. I will provide you the education, evidence-based and individualized support for the most important job any of us will ever have.

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Let’s pretend you have a magic genie that could tell you why your child does (insert the most annoying behavior they do)…

Maybe you have some ideas, but you just can’t quite figure out what your child is trying to communicate with their behavior.

This is called the “function.“ I discuss this in some of my classes and when you have never heard of behavior being talked about in terms of function before… it’s a little bit confusing.

So, with that… Lauren the Genie here… let me help!

Find out what your child is trying to communicate with their challenging behavior and the become aware of their missing skills, so that you can replace that negative behavior with empowering skills to take with them through life. And then, make a plan together to do so!