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Hey now, Hey now.

I’m Lauren Pace.

this is me.

Meet my Family. One hunky husband, PJ. One adorably shy toddler, Charlie. Baby Maelie. Plus our three dogs Doodle, Duke & Rosie if you really wanna know how crazy my life is.

I am from Olympia, WA. But I moved to Utah for school and studied Child Development. I met PJ here and we fell in love and got married. He started a roofing business and I started selling “my talent“ on Etsy. Looking back, I’m surprised anyone bought anything. LOL. (Sorry, ILYSM).

One thing led the the next and I actually did start to develop talents, in art, branding and design. It’s a hobby that I have loved, I have met people looking for rebrands and designed all sorts of projects for amazing bosses around the world.

I also worked for many years as a preschool teacher. I finished my preschool teaching “career“ when I was about to deliver my son. And that same week, I started Grad School to study Child Development.

I am blessed to be studying Challenging Behavior and have recently took a shift from design, to my truer purpose and calling, helping parents. I call myself a “Parenting Coach“ or “Child Development Specialist“ with experience dealing with REALLY challenging behaviors and helping kids get to the greener grass, it’s just my way of being passionate about helping families and helping those children who REALLY need it. And those who maybe just need it a little bit.

Stick around these parts and you’ll find lots of XO PARENTING tips, including an entire learning through play curriculum called Xo Playtime, tips on behavior, teaching children and creating a Christ-centered home.

Cliffnotes Version:

Wife + Mama (2 humans, 3 dogs) #crazytown #5under4

Self-taught designer + passionate about pursuing creative endeavors

Bachelor’s + Master’s in Child Development (Thesis Pending)

Former Preschool Teacher

Parenting Coach + Child Development Specialist


Xo Parenting

want to love parenting + parent with love?

mr. potato

learning through hands-on experiences

For young children ages 0-5, the focus should not be on memorizing flash cards or using worksheets, but through hands-on and intentional play. With meaningful play opportunities children can develop life skills, including problem solving, independence and academic skills. 

christ centered home

creating a christ-centered home

There’s nothing more important than inviting the Spirit of Christ into my home. Through him we can all be perfected, and studying His life, His teachings and the teachings of prophets will bring our families closer to Him. In an effort to create a Christ-centered home, I have strived to create an environment and experiences in my home. Activities that we are doing are more powerful than ever before, because we need His power more than ever before. Join me in reflecting deeper with our families on gospel stories and incorporating Christ into every aspect of our homes.


positive parenting

Challenging behavior can be anything from refusing to take a bath, to being expelled from preschool for aggression.

As a parent coach my goal is to take your struggles, your expertise and your understanding of your child and support new skills & strengthen relationships within your home.


A space for all you ladies

No kids allowed in this section *wink*, unless you let your cuties play with make up

can’t make this stuff up (get it?)

After I got married I was diagnosed with infertility. After two years and over a year of shots, hormones, migraines, treatments and lots and lots and lots of tears, I got pregnant with my son. I felt so betrayed by my body. Then was SO appreciative for my body. It's been a rollercoaster of so many emotions. After his birth I wanted to gain back a confidence and appreciation for my body. So I have found an exercise I love. I started a candida diet (for candida overgrowth) and I use Maskcara make up which makes me feel gorgeous in minutes.

Good self care, goes a long way. I'm working on loving my body from the inside out.

I want to help others find the confidence that I've found in myself with and without make up. I can walk into a room of 1,200 beautiful women and feel a sisterhood instead of intimidation. Maskcara has influenced my mindset on the beauty in myself and the beauty in others.

Let me show you the Maskcara way.

xo, Lauren

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