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I want to help you define and design a cohesive brand across all platforms. With a unique and personal design that describes YOU. All of my logos are hand drawn, one-of-a-kind and professionally digitized into vector images. 

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 in motherhood + home

I have started a paradigm shift to find meanings in my moments, rhythms in my week & make time for the important things. Come along for this bumpy ride, as I share what I've done to find clarity and simplify.


in health + beauty 

Follow along on my journey to health and loving myself from the inside out.  Maskcara has become so much more to share. It's given me a team of ladies that lift me up. I am able to look at women and celebrate their uniqueness and natural beauty.


Hi, I'm Lauren.

Let's get a little personal.

Motherhood + Home.

Family. It's my #1. My husband he is a roofing contractor, so he is busy running a business of his own. Kids. I LOVE them. I have studied them in my BS program, and now in my MS program at USU. I also have three of my own. Two babies, Two puppies.

In my Master's program, I am researching challenging behavior in young children, and how function-based individualized interventions impacts child outcomes. In English, I will coaching families in a home-visit setting how to understand a child's challenging behavior and make a shift to encourage new behavior.

I will be offering parent coaching for families who want to learn more, but I will also be offering other tools, resources and experiences to simplify motherhood and home life. So we can all enjoy this gift we have been given, of raising a family.



Business and branding was something that kinda of fell into my lap. It was a watercolor hobby, that developed and grew into something so much more. Then business became the hobby that I love so much. Anyone else out there, love business. Along the way I've loved sharing other business resources that have helped me find purpose in business.

Health + Beauty

After I got married I was diagnosed with infertility. After two years and over a year of shots, hormones, migraines, treatments and lots and lots and lots of tears, I got pregnant with my son. I felt so betrayed by my body. Then was SO appreciative for my body. It's been a rollercoaster of so many emotions. After his birth I wanted to gain back a confidence and appreciation for my body. So I have found an exercise I love. I have started a candida diet (for candida overgrowth) and I use Maskcara make up which makes me feel gorgeous in minutes. Good self care, goes a long way. I'm working on loving my body from the inside out.

I want to help others find the confidence that I've found in myself with and without make up. I can walk into a room of 1200 beautiful women and feel a sisterhood instead of intimidation. Maskcara has influenced my mindset on the beauty in myself and the beauty in others. Let me show you the Maskcara way. 





xo, Lauren

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