Xo Lauren Pace

Hey Mamas, I’m Lauren.

child behavior coach & child development specialist

God and Family are my #1.

I have bounced around a lot of hobbies, and hobbies as businesses, and it’s come for circle with my purpose, education, hobbies, love for speaking and teaching...

And that is helping parents love parenting more & parent with love

by looking at challenging behavior as an opportunity to connect and help your child develop

social and emotional skills that will serve them for the rest of their life.

It’s not enough to just wing it.

It’s not enough to just survive.

Kids need us as coaching for their emotions and for problem solving.

They need us to not tell them what to do, but help them develop the skills to know what to do.

It’s time to raise emotionally healthy kids in this increasingly scary world.

my story:

he was one of my ninety-nine

I’m a former preschool teacher of 7 years.

I had a really hard class one year.

I cried. I was stressed. I was worried.

It wasn’t a normal amount of hard. It was EXTREMELY hard.

I had been doing this for several years, with far less experience… but now, now I was hitting rock bottom.

Threats from parents I loved… Zero support from my boss.

“If this kid does this again and doesn’t get kicked out… we will sue.”


Do you know how hard it is to “control“ a child, especially when you’re getting threats from other parents?

This child was one of my 99. (Luke 15:3-7)


Did you know that kids in this situation are given up on ALL the time?

These same kids are likely to have social/emotional disorders, drop out of high school, get into drugs.

I could not leave him behind.

But I couldn’t afford to let anything else happen.

He was isolated from his peers, stuck with his own personal observer.

I was drowning, he was drowning, everyone’s parents were drowning.

There had to be a way to understand and support this challenging behavior.

And this is where my story changed.

When I saw the impact of this NEW way, I knew I wasn’t done learning…

I knew that I had to share & support families struggling.

So, I enrolled in grad school 38 weeks pregnant,

and have since become…

a mother, researcher, speaker, & coach


Xo Parenting

want to love parenting + parent with love? read on.

There are three topics I’m super passionate about.

You will find me talking about them on my blog and Instagram.


01. Challenging Behavior

  • Challenging behavior can be anything from refusing to take a bath, to being expelled from preschool for aggression.

  • We should always consider problem behavior as a communication attempt.

  • Knowing the difference between the WHAT of the behavior (what it looks like) and the WHY of the behavior (the reason they are behaving that way) is key in stopping the behavior and teaching new skills to communicate the need appropriately.

mr. potato

02. emotional development

developing the whole child

Much of the education for young children focuses on academic development. While this is important, handling disappointment, problem solving & parent-child relationships are so much more telling of later school success!!!

  • We don't want happy kids, we want AUTHENTIC kids. Say what? 

  • Instead of saying “don’t cry” or “don’t be mad,” say, “it’s okay to cry,” “what can you do about this?”

  • We need to help them understand their feelings, and what to do about them… instead of explode

  • If you exercise children’s regulating skills, then they will become better at it!!!

  • Did you know that you can teach emotional problem solving & regulating with play?

  • Connection & being intentional with our time makes us FEEL good

  • Relationships are built on the quality time we spend with our children in their earliest memories.

christ centered home

03. creating a christ-centered home

  • There’s nothing more important than inviting the Spirit of Christ into my home.

  • Through him we can all be perfected, and studying His life, His teachings and the teachings of prophets will bring our families closer to Him.

  • In an effort to create a Christ-centered home, I have strived to create an environment and experiences in my home.

  • Activities that we are doing are more powerful than ever before, because we need His power more than ever before.

  • Join me in reflecting deeper with our families on gospel stories and incorporating Christ into every aspect of our homes.

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& final bonus: a space for you ladies

No kids allowed in this section *wink*, unless you let your cuties play with make up

  • Maskcara is more than make up, it’s a mindset about make up.

  • Make up should be used to emphasize the beauty that we have, not cover imperfections.

  • Maskcara is more because it gives me confidence, sisterhood and a tribe of girls who are making money for their family, loving themselves more and helping spread the self-love.

  • I went from not knowing much about make up and not feeling like one of the “pretty“ girls in school… to loving myself for ME, doing make up for weddings & make up tutorials (eek!).

  • I want to help others find the confidence that I've found in myself with and without make up.

  • I can walk into a room of 1,200 beautiful women and feel a sisterhood instead of intimidation.

  • Maskcara has influenced my mindset on the beauty in myself and the beauty in others.

  • Let me show you the Maskcara way.

xo Lauren Pace