Beauty Blenders vs. Brush Blending

I’m not pro at Eyeshadow, but when I see a beautiful color palette… I definitely want to get it on my eye. My go to is this little arrangement.

Lightest color all over. Mid color upper crease/brow bone and half of the lip.

Darkest color on my eyeliner line and into the inner crease.

Eventually I’ll branch out, but for now that’s what I can handle. So this is the extent of my eyeshadow school. 

Luckily Maskcara eyeshadows come with diagrams for different styles so it makes it fool proof for you and me.

Their shadows are super pigmented, if you want to fill in your brow with powder than grab one of the matte shadows to double serve.

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Meditation with added Brain Dump Method

This is the biggest HACK if you will for my to truly get in the present moment. I have to get EVERYTHING out of my head and onto paper. The first day, it was like am I being a good mom? Am I prioritizing Charlie's needs? I need to play more. I need to do this logo. I need to write this paper. I need to blog and this and this and this and this. All of it, out of my brain and onto the paper. The first day I did this I realized my theme was I felt inadequate as a mom. So at the bottom I wrote two AFFIRMATIONS. "I am present and these for Charlie when he needs me" "I am doing my best as a mother for Charlie." Obviously these things weren't ringing true for me, but I needed to believe that I could get there. So I repeated the affirmations to myself throughout meditation, and anytime a thought would slip in, I would release it and go back to the flame and the affirmations. 

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Surviving the Candida Diet Detox

After two months on my Anit-Candida Diet (ACD)... I was starting to get a little bit loosey goosey. My protocol was pretty "up to interpretation" as far was what wasn't included on the list. I googled it... until I found someone who said I could eat it or not and just went with that. Fast forward to now.

I found a protocol online. I had happened upon this website SO many times when researching about candida... and finally I was scrolling through their program. 

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Kale Chips were my saving grace!

I'm going to catch you guys up on my AWFUL (I'm a little dramatic) detox phase. It was going well until I was sitting on the shower floor hugging my knees into fetal position... rocking back and forth. Guess you'll have to come back to find out what happened. For now, just know this...

The Kale Chips were the salty, crunchy snack that I needed to pull through.

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Did you say SCIENCE and EYESHADOW? huh...

Remember the color wheel from elementary school art class? Well, it shows us what colors compliment each other. Look at the color directly across. When you get down into the deeper tones of the color wheel you can figure out which colors are going to make your GORGEOUS eyes pop.

Also amazing, these are magnetic. So if you run out of one, you don't have to replace your whole compact!!!! And you can build your very own palette filled with colors YOU love.

Are you ready for the wheel already??

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Themed Meal Planning... Variety & Simplicity!! | Freebie

Hereis the problem with meal planning. We need something different, we get sick of the same thing over and over. Or maybe we get bored of making the same thing. We are trying to balance nutrients, preferences, allergies, special diets. It’s insane. Believe me, I know. Right now I’m on a Candida diet, talk about repeat meals. I can’t have dairy, or sugar, or gluten, or most fruits, or vinegar. The thought of meal planning gave me a food aversion (no, I’m not pregnant). I was just rotating through salmon, tilapia and taco salad every few days. Then you end up not meal planning at all and eating out. And then getting acne... and breaking the budget.... you get me? Anyone?

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10 Reasons I Joined Maskcara, an MLM Company

As the wife to a very successful roofing contractor and business owner,

grad student, mom, fur mother to high maintenance dogs & business owner.

I am not lacking in income or hobbies.


Yet Maskcara had a draw for me.

Something that was calling my name.

I can't quite narrow it down.

It was a combination of these ten things.


#1. The Product

Three dimensional face? Real life photoshop? Yes, please. My first experience with cream based foundation, was different. I think that's what made me want to use it and be successful with it. Cream is what the movie stars use, cream is what people with wrinkles use, cream gives you a dewy glow. Young, fresh skin. It doesn't set, so it doesn't cake or dry you out. It also doesn't slip off your face. The contour lifts you cheekbones, the highlight brightens your eyes, the blush adds happiness to your complexion. Even skin tones with out taking away from what makes us beautiful and unique. I could go on and on. But I will share more later.

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