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Lauren Pace, MS

I’m a Child Behavior Coach and Early Childhood Specialist located in Logan, UT. I graduated with her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Utah State University, studying Human Development and Family Studies with a Specialization in Infancy and Early Childhood. I am always learning more about positive parenting strategies, including my own research in Positive Behavior Support.

I’m a mother of two amazing children (boy and girl), four dogs (yah, we cray) and 300 pheasants (wait, what?). My husband and I enjoy raising our family with rides in the mountains, lots of snuggles and toddlers sleeping in doggy beds. We have a lot going on, and love running our businesses, but don’t be fooled… the laundry is piled high and the floors are surely lived on. We love God, family and our country. Follow along on Instagram, Facebook or here on the Blog.


instagram: xolaurenpace

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