Vintage Market Days | DIY

This last few days we were apart of Vintage Market Days at the Cache County Fairgrounds. It was so much fun to be a part of such a unique show. I just wanted to share how I set up my booth, in case anyone is looking for ways to hang things.

You can hang clothes with these... or art prints... or anything else that hangs. I love them because they are super easy to move, they are light enough that I can carry them and set them up. 

Here's how you build them.


(I did 4 bases for the long one ~16' long & 2 for the short one ~2' long)

6- 1/2 in. Black Malleable Iron FPT Floor Flange

6- pieces of wood

Build the base however you want. My favorite bases were 2x8's cut at 8" so they were square. Then in the middle I put a floor flanges. I painted mine black, because they were silvery... and that doesn't go with copper.



6-  1/2" 5' copper pipes

5- 1/2" 4' copper pipes.

4- 90 degree elbow fittings

2- copper tees

6 male adapter fittings


Screw the male adapter fittings into the floor flanges. Put the 5' copper fittings into all the bases. On the end of the stand put the elbows on and in the two middle pieces put the T pieces on top. Then put the 4' copper pipes in between all  of the poles. 

These stands worked AWESOME for me, plus I love copper pipe. So have at it.