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Transitioning through Big Changes

New child - deployed parent - busy season for working parents.

Changes happen... and whoever is left with the kids is probably overwhelmed.

Without realizing it... sometimes we are paying more attention to the negative behaviors... and not focusing on the behaviors we want.

"Be nice to your sister" "Bring me a diaper please" *takes pictures of the baby* "Be soft!" "Quiet voice!" Pretty soon we pay so much attention to these behaviors, that this is what our child WANTS to do, for connection with us.

NONE of those phrases were mean. But none of them were focusing on him. They were all about sister. Absolutely, we want him to be helpful and kind, and quiet. BUT, we need to pad all of those directions with POSITIVE, WARM interactions. Look him in the eye, "you are a good helper, thank you" "Wow bud, look at the tower" "Charlie I love you" *take picture of baby, take picture of Charlie*

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Listening: Help our Children LISTEN without force

Do your kids ever fight cleaning up their toys? Run away in the store? Jump on the couch or hit their friends over and over? When will it click? When will they just listen?

We will talk about strategies to teach children to choose to listen and prevent negative responses, followed by effective consequences when not listening is NOT an option.

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