Ordinary is Beautiful / A Day In the Life June

I love love traveling. I love sandy beaches, call me crazy, I even love the long flights. I get so excited for traveling. I love things like Disneyland, water parks, days out of town. I love adventures and broadway shows. I love pickleville playhouse, ranger rides up the mountain, scooter gangs. I love the extraordinary.

I also love ordinary. I love the day to day. I love the Monday morning gym life, grocery shopping online, wellness checks for Charlie. 

Life doesn't have to be anything out of the ordinary to be beautiful.

I have always always wanted to be a mom. Snotty shirt, dark circles, frizzy mane and all. I love motherhood and the everyday simple joys that can be found in the love between a mom and her child. 

I know motherhood can be a little less than glamorous, but I just want to look back and remember how beautiful those simple little moments were. I want to look back and know that I found joy in the ordinary. So here's my new project, a short one minute monthly video of the day to day. The things we don't post about or look back on as often as our trips and adventures. 

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