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Get OUT Together (start by making a bucket list together)

I am super excited about summertime. But it’s also not a ton different because my kids aren’t in school yet. The Pace of things definitely changes and I want to make sure we are unplugged and present with each other as much as possible.

So the challenge today is CREATE A SUMMER BUCKET LIST. What are some things you are going to get out and do together this summer. Show me your lists!

Below I’ve attached an editable document so that you can create your own checklist for summertime.

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Top 6 Backyard Play "Areas"

I’m very intentional on the materials that I include in my outdoor space.

Instead of getting the typical big playground/swing set.

I decided to include all the elements I valued most.

If all you can fit or want is a swing-set that’s great too!

One reason I decided against the swing set is because I don’t want to spend 10 years doing under-doggies. I’m sorry #notthatmom.

Second, there’s “rules“ typically that come with the swingsets…(don’t climb up the slide, one at a time on the ladder, one at a time on the swing, don’t walk in front of the swing, there’s not room for you right here, etc.)

I wanted play materials that allowed them to expand their imagination.

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