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Gross Motor and Activities in the Winter

I’m gonna be honest with you and say, I HATE SNOW. Snow clothes and all that jazz, I’m over it REAL fast. So I’m not the mom out there building igloos and slides. If you’re that mom, I have lots of snow… come on over and step in for me???

What’s challenging is not giving into the tv, electronics, video games, ipads etc. all winter long. It’d be really easy to replace that outside time with these things, but guess what. I have a plethora of solutions for you.

#1. Indoor Gross Motor Toys

I’ll show you a peek at a few others we have. But my climbing, bouncing boy… he has a huge amount of energy. He wants to jump and climb, wrestle… kick things. And if I don’t give him a safe place to do that… guess what… he’s jumping, climbing and kicking me and his sister. NOT an option. Today I’m going to talk about my Lily and River climber. It’s AMAZING.

I’m all about open ended toys. This is that. There’s not one way to use it. The slide can be at a million levels. It can also be a playdough table, a place to play cars, a ramp… and then flip it over it’s a rock climbing wall or a ramp with obstacles. I didn’t discover this on my own. I put the toy out… and then just let Charlie do WHATEVER the heck he wanted with it. I love that it can be a climber, or it can turn into a fort, a ladder for his stuffed puppy to climb. It’s AMAZING.

Highly highly recommend this toy as an indoor playground, climber, slide… and so much more.

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