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Reframe Behavior

I presented this graphic at the beginning of the parenting challenge on my instagram


Do you notice anything change with your relationship, or with your child's behavior when you are more purposeful in your toys, play and time together?

Behavior is a fascinating topic to study.

We usually look at behavior to notice WHAT is happening.

Are they hitting? Talking back? Fighting with siblings? Tattle-telling? Whining? Refusing to play independently?

When really the WHAT is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Get OUT Together (start by making a bucket list together)

I am super excited about summertime. But it’s also not a ton different because my kids aren’t in school yet. The Pace of things definitely changes and I want to make sure we are unplugged and present with each other as much as possible.

So the challenge today is CREATE A SUMMER BUCKET LIST. What are some things you are going to get out and do together this summer. Show me your lists!

Below I’ve attached an editable document so that you can create your own checklist for summertime.

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I also like to give him FULL ACCESS to all my safe cleaning supplies. Today I shared some “clean“ cleaning recipes above, but mostly I use a spray bottle of water and Norwex Microfiber clothes. I have a kids set that includes on for windows/mirrors, one for dusting and one for all surfaces. It hangs on his art shelf downstairs right next to his mop and broom from Melissa and Doug.

This boy clears his spot every night after dinner. Wipes his table and chair and then continues to empty the bottle by spraying and cleaning the cupboards, floor and dogs.

I love including him in the routines because even if I didn’t have the change to build a castle with him, I spent the day involving him and sharing my world with him.

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Take a Picture of Your Child #xoplaychallenge

I have always been a HUGE documenter. Some people may roll their eyes at this. But even if you are not one to always pull out your camera listen up.

You know when your baby is born… and everyone is taking pictures of the new baby.

Or you graduate and people take pictures, sing in a concert and get pictures.

These pictures are amazing, but someday you’ll want to look back on the every day stuff.

And kids have caught on, they know how special an event is if all the cameras are out. So why not channel that positive energy into something they do EVERYDAY.

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